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Hannah’s Haven is a sanctuary where your active equine senior partner can safely bump down from a show barn or boarding facility to a place of pastures – grass and dry lots – dry stalls – areas to ride in – and still with you. Here he can safely bump down as he ages – much as your parents would do in an active senior retirement facility. First you have independent living, then semi-independent living, then dependent living, and maybe a memory care unit. At Hannah’s Haven I am the caretaker in assisting YOU as the owner and parent of your equine in making the best active retirement years assessable and possible.

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Last fall I retired our 21 year old Hunter/Jumper mare from the winters in Wisconsin to Scottsdale and met Karen the first day at our new barn. This past summer I left to return to Wisconsin and felt very much at ease with our horse Ellie in her very capable hands. Never have I met anyone who cares more about horses. She is the hardest worker I know as well as the most honest person. She communicated with me on almost a daily basis so I was very much in the loop and I never worried about my mare. She returned Ellie to me this September, fit, sound, healthy and happy. I would recommend her to anyone with absolutely no reservations.

Kim J.

It’s been my true honor to know Karen Herzog for the past seven years at Winter Rose Equestrian. It’s rare when a person of character like Karen comes along in your life who is sincerely kind, yet is also on point practical at the same time. I love her wit and wisdom every time we’re together at the barn, but it’s her patience and care with both the barn’s human and equine members that really stands out. Just one story – last week a horse she wasn’t ‘baby sitting’ had got himself cast in a turn out, and without a pause Karen calmly joined in with the guys to get it all untangled and checked out for any bumps, then on she went to continue at whatever barn task she’d left off before. I haven’t had the opportunity for Karen to take care of my own horse, but the personalized attention I’ve seen her give to those she has taken care of at our barn is fantastic.

Cathleen M.

I would like to offer my very enthusiastic recommendation for Karen Herzog. There cannot be a more thorough, bubbly positive person in this industry, or in general, quite frankly.

Karen customizes her care for each client, with every attention to detail and feedback. Coming from the East Coast , where the care was quite different, Karen has given me peace of mind, countless stress free vacations, and sleep filled nights. Karen is the only person that I would have oversee my horse’s care.

Adrienne X.

It is an honor and privilege to write this letter for Karen Herzog. Caring, trustworthy, hard working, can only begin to describe Karen. If you have the opportunity to hire Karen, take it. She gives 100% and then some. I have had the opportunity on several occasions to watch first hand horses that have been left in Karen’s care. These are a few of my observations. I have seen Karen riding horses, hand jogging horses, hand walking horses, grooming, (meticulously I might add). Medications carefully and diligently given, grain measured and given, blankets being put on (making special trips to the barn at night, so the temperature is conducive to putting on a sheet.) I have seen Karen work with rescue horses who have lost their ability to trust, only to trust again. Diligently working horses through rehabbing, showing nothing but concern and care for the horse. When I go out of town, Karen is the first person I have look in on my Equine child, always finding comfort knowing she is keeping an eye on him. You will not find a more hard working, conscientious care giver for your animals than Karen. I without hesitation, highly recommend her.

Phyllis B.

I am fortunate to have both a personal and professional relationship with Karen Herzog. And I must say, blessed with both.

Should you be looking for great care and attention to any equine member of your family, you should look no further. Karen has a unique perspective that includes intuition, experience, and wisdom which gives us, her client, the very best service and concern available. She is both detailed, and precise, not overlooking any small detail or out of the ordinary actions from our horses.

My recommendation is spoken from my heart and the great concern she shows for both my horse and myself. A Positive, Caring Professional such as this is a rare “gem” to find.

Phyllis H.

I have known Karen through Winter Rose for approximately seven years. She is an amazing person who dedicates herself to her horses like she does to her child. She is conscientious, caring, compassionate, thorough, and very detail-oriented when it comes to caring for other people’s horses as well.

I have two competitive show jumping mares. I went out of town to compete with one for 2 weeks and left my other mare that is in rehabilitation in Karen’s care. I never worried for one second that my mare would not be properly cared for. Karen walked her, bathed her, groomed her, fly sprayed her, painted her feet, hand walked her, put her magnetic boots on for 4 hours exactly, and gave her medication and grain. She even filled up her treat roller bucket with hay cubes. But, most importantly, she gave her attention! I also left one of my retired horses that is 23 years old at the barn. He has Cushings and needs daily medication. Karen properly medicated and gave him grain. She went an extra mile and even groomed him and took him for a walk around our track. I received daily updates and often times photographs. I do not trust many people to care for my horses as well as I do, but I trust Karen with this task.

I highly recommend Karen for any animal care no matter how difficult or detailed the task. I am happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Sonja D.

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